Winston Percival Althazar is a recurring character from The Other Kingdom. He is played by C.J. Byrd-Vassell

Poor Winston! This foreign exchange student from England thought he would be spending his semester in a nice, normal high school. The brochure didn’t say anything about living with fairies! Because of an unfortunate mixup due to fairy mischief, he has found himself in a very strange situation in Athenia. He didn’t sign up for this!


Season 1

Winston was first mention by Devon's father as he told him that he would be staying at an exchanged. He made his physical appearance when he entered the kingdom and encountered Edgar, who wanted to eat him but King Oberon stopped him as he revealed that He's Astral's shield until she returns back to the kingdom, Winston mistake the Athenia for a school until he accepted that he is in another dimension


Season One


  • Peaseblossom and him get invited to tea with King Oberon.
  • Becomes human after expiration date.
  • He is the hero of Peaseblossom.
  • His transformation into a donkey is a callback to the character of Nick Bottom in William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.