Episode 13 Season 1

Pixies are mystical creatures that have mystical abilities and usually are against fairies.

Appearing Pixies

Common Personality

They usually act mean and forceful. They seem to neglect fairies and would do anything to stop them. One of their main goals is to take over the Athenian Kingdom. They seem to delight in frightening people and may eat humans.


They usually have dark and dull clothing. They have dark blue-ish, black-ish faces. They also seem to be so against fairies that they look more urban than natural.

Magical Abilities

  • Fear Inducement: They have shown the ability to draw fear and agony when one is their presence. Fairies seem to be very affected by this and can be a result of their empathic abilities.
  • Sleep inducement: Astral mentioned that pixies can cast sleeping spells, similar to the one from Sleeping Beauty, on victims before they eat them.