Peter Quince is a recurring character on the Nickoleodeon series, The Other Kingdom.

He is portrayed by Brett Donahue.


Season 1

Many things happen to Mr. Quince in Season 1. While he goes through every episode with trauma, it sometimes saves Devon's title, Astral's realm, and even Brendoni's food. He does everything from stopping a party to having his project denied and comes to far to stop now. Taking in Astral and Brendoni might have not been the smartest idea.


Devon Quince



Astral was unknowing of Devon Quince's father who is her father King Oberon's brother. Right now Astral is fighting Peter on the decision of the fate of Athenia. However when he sees Astral is in danger of being run over by a bulldozer, he realizes his mistake and calls off the project and apologizes to her.

King Oberon



  • He took in Brendoni and Astral whom posed that they were from England.
  • His project was turned down because of Astral and Brendoni.
  • His name is taken from the William Shakespeare play A Midsummer Night's Dream.