Peaseblossom is a recurring character portrayed by Torri Webster. She befriends the human boy, Winston and assists him on how to adapt to staying the magical world.

Say hello to Athenia’s feistiest fairy, Peaseblossom! Bold, bubbly and a little bit clumsy, Peaseblossom isn't like other fairies. In fact, she's still waiting for her wings! Peaseblossom is Winston's right-hand fairy and loves teaching him the dos and don'ts of Athenia— when she’s not getting tangled up in vines, that is.


Season 1



She really likes Winston a lot. She thinks of him as a brave, cool soul.


  • Winston and she get invited to have tea with King Oberon.
  • She becomes very interested in video games when Winston showed his iPhone to her.
    • He ends up going to court because of this and having to be his attorney.
  • She thinks Winston is her hero and should be dignified.
  • She gets stuck in the vines.
  • Her name is taken from a fairy character in William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.