Oswald the Great does not fit in with humans. I cannot wear the skinny jeans!
— Realizing that he is be Astral's guard

Oswald is a recurring character in the Nickelodeon Sitcom, The Other Kingdom.

Fiery and stubborn, Oswald is a fierce fairy warrior. King Oberon has tasked him with keeping Astral safe and sound on her journey, but he’s not too thrilled about living with humans. He’s supposed to be her guardian but often finds himself needing help!



Usually stubborn and fierce, but, nonetheless, everyone can tell that he is struggling in the real world.


Season One

Season Two



I will protect you always, Princess.
— {{{2}}}

Magical Abilities

  • Size Altering: He is able to become small and big at will.


  • He has an Italian accent.
  • He left the human world at the end of Cold Season and the beginning of Expiration Date when Versitude had threatened him.
  • He is over 200 years old.
    • Mentions he doesn't look a day over 185.
  • He went to school as a substitute teacher.