Magical Beings

Mystical Beings are creatures that have magical abilities and/or augmented powers. Many mystical beings have the basic abilities. (e.g A fairy has basic spell casting and flight abilities, but higher level users (like Versitude, a mixture of all Mystical Creatures) can use the full manipulative magical abilities). Each type of mystical creature has its own kind of magic and set of powers. Many mystical creatures have inspired countless myths, legends, fables and fairy tales in the Other World. Mystical creatures remain hidden from others' sight by living in magical realms.


  • Fairies: Fairies are mystical creatures that have magical abilities and augmented abilities. They are usually bright, nice, natural, truthful, and loving and their most recognizable feature is their wings.
  • Trolls: Trolls are mystical creatures that have conditional abilities. They are usually dirty.
  • Giants: Giants are mystical creatures that have a bigger height than normal.
  • Pixies:  Pixies are mystical creatures that have magical abilities. They are usually dull, mean, urban-like, harmful, and fearful and at odds with the natural fairies.
  • Brownies: Brownies look like a classic depiction of an elf; a humanoid being with pointed ears and no wings. They are very meticulous and wear brown clothing.
  • Elves: They are often depicted as humanoids with pointed ears but no wings. Oberon has called Versitude an elf.
  • Gnomes: None are seen but it is believed that they look like the typical garden gnome ornaments. Oberon and Titania laugh at how they can't break the stereotype of and stop living on lawns.
  • Centaurs: In mythology, centaurs are mystical creatures with the upper bodies of humans and the lower bodies, forelegs and tails of horses. None are seen but they are mentioned and they live in Athenia. Their horse half may grant them conditional abilities.
  • Sirens: Sirens are magical creatures. They are not seen but are mentioned by Oswald when he tells Versitude about one of his past quests. He mentions that no one can resist the sirens' song and that they kept Oswald on an unknown island for an unidentified period of time.
  • Unicorns: One is mentioned in What Fools These Mortals Be. Versitude mentions giving a unicorn to the winning side in the dispute between the pixies and the elves. This implies that they are not sentient like other magical creatures.