Marty Adams (born September 12, 1980) is a Canadian television and film actor/writer and comedian. He stars as Mr. Stockley in The Other Kingdom.

He began a football program at McMaster University but injured his knee. His sister encouraged him to get involved in a comedy program at Humber College which got him his first major comedy gig in the Facebook of Revelations at The Second City. His last Second City main stage show was 0% Down, 100% Screwed, leaving the main stage on 21 June 2009.

TV appearances include seventeen episodes (as of 25 August 2010) of Video on Trial and commercials for (Staples Inc., Fallsview Casino).

Film roles include a 9-part mockumentary called Now Magazine The Movie, Saw IV as Ivan Landsness, Shutter and Repo Men.[1]


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