Magical realms are lands and kingdoms inhabited by mystical beings and magical creatures. Athenia is a magical realm.


Realms are places separated from the Otherworld by enchantments but travel between worlds is possible due to portals but only mystical creatures know about them. The inhabitants and geography of each realm may differ. Both Spartania and Athenia are populated by fairies. Athenia is an unspoiled, enchanted wood filled with fairy tale creatures like fairies, trolls, giants and pixies. Magical realms are connected to each other as Spartania and Athenia are neighbours.

Magical realms are parallel to the Otherworld and what occurs in one affects the other. Pollution sometimes breaks the barrier and spills into the realms, polluting the enchanted land. Realms are connected to a part of nature in the Otherworld like a woodland. If that area is destroyed or built on, the realm it is connected to will be destroyed.

List of Magical Realms

Seen Realms

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Possible Realms

  • Atlantis
  • The Sirens' Isle