King Oberon is a recurring character in the Nickelodeon Sitcom, The Other Kingdom. He is protrayed by Martin Roach.

Astral’s father King Oberon is the leader of the fairies. He understands that humans and fairies have a lot to learn from each other, but still worries for Astral. Oberon only wants what’s best for his daughter, even if that means living with humans.


Season 1


He is very protective, definitely of his daughter, and wife. He is more calm than The Queen, but still is worried about Astral.


Queen Titania

He loves his wife and queen consort dearly and will stand by her whenever there is trouble in the kingdom. (See: Oberania)


He loves his only child and wants what is best for her, as he knows that she is destined to take his place as ruler of Athenia one day. (See: Astron)


Oberon turns to her for wisdom, advice and cation. Her trusts her judgement and believes that she knows best for all fairy life.


Oberon has Oswald the Great go with his daughter to stay in he human world and sevre as her guardian and protector. He secretly makes him 8 inches when he crosses over. (See: Oberswald)


You're my only daughter! What if something were to happen!?
— Astral expressing her desire to stay in the mortal world in What Fools These Mortals Be
Be safe out there. And watch over my daughter
— Oberon telling Oswald that he will stay in the mortal world.
Our daughter saved the day
— To Queen Titania in Let Them Eat Cake

 Powers & Abilities

  • Winged Flight: He has the ability to open his energy wings and transfer into energy.


  • He says he is very proud of his daughter for saving Athenia.
  • He seems to trust Versitude.
  • He is inspired by the character in Midsummer Night's Dream; also king of the fairies.
  • He believes humans are idiots and clumsy creatures.