No List-y, No Enter-y
Hailey to Morgan and Devon in The New Kid

Hailey Grimm is a main character and antagonist in the Nickelodeon Sitcom, The Other Kingdom. She is portrayed by Josette Halpert.

From straight A’s to the fall-dance committee, Hailey does it all. Her goal is to be the most popular girl in school and she wants Tristan by her side on her climb to the top.

Ruthless and ambitious, she’ll do whatever it takes to make sure nothing gets in the way of her plans. She thinks something is strange about the new exchange student and she’s determined to find out what.


Running for class president, she immediately suspects that Astral is not like everyone else, and is always hot on her tail to figure out her secret; whatever it takes.


She is an honors student and an extra-curricular leader. She is against Astral and wants to find out what's so off about her. She has a huge crush on Tristan, another reason why she is against Astral. But some people say deep down, she is a nice person.


Season One


  • She says her very first apology to Brendoni and he wasn't even listening.
  • She despises anyone who is different or who is not like her.
  • Her aunt is the principal of Theseus High School.