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FanmadeEpisode:A Fairy showdown is a fanmade episode of The Other Kingdom Fanon: Wiki Edition.


With astral's dark side separated from herself the gang must stop her before she conquers all the seven fairy kingdoms and the other world.


When the spell to vanquish astral's dark side goes haywire a second astral appears and knock the gang unconscious with a powerful spell.

When they wake up they find themselves locked up in the darkest dungeon of Athenia, weaker because her dark side is free astral can't use her magic to break free but with Devon coming into his fairy power and with Tristan's and Brendoni's magic skills there are able to break free and head to the throne to find Astral's parents.

Meanwhile Dark Astral captures the king and queen of Athenia and takes them to the school so she can make a potion to steal their powers and become the most powerful fairy ever lived, with Astral and the others learning from a weakend Oswald that Dark Astral kidnapped her parents they had to the school to stop her. Arriving at the school they find out there to late and that Dark Astral stole the magical powers of the king and queen turning them human and are scared as they look outside seeing the sky turning purple and watch as they see a magical storm is about to begin.


Esther Zynn- Princess Astral/Dark Astral

Celina Martin- Morgan

Taylor Adams- Devon

Adam Pebble/Matt Burns- Brendoni

Josette Halpert- Hailey

Tori Anderson- Queen Titania

Martin Roach- King Oberon

Torri Webster- PeaseBlossom

Guest Characters

Fanmade Characters


the idea for a dark astral i got from every witch way.

the evil Emma story arc