Fly under the Radar!
— Various Episodes

Devon Quince is one of the main character on the Nickelodeon Sitcom, The Other Kingdom. He is portrayed by Taylor Adams.

Devon thought the new exchange student staying with him would be a normal teenager, just like him. Astral is anything but! Shy, slightly geeky and a little awkward when it comes to—well, everything, all Devon wants is to fly under the radar and go unnoticed in high school. Too bad Astral has other plans!


Season 1

Devon is a shy and geeky student at his High School. He starts to live with the fairy princess known as Astral, whom he later finds out that she is his cousin.


Yeah Man! You my main man. Man, Man, Man...


Devon is a shy and geeky person that seems to be very likable knowing that he is being crushed on by Morgan. He is not a very complex character at first, but it's hinted that he has some internalized self-hatred due to his severely negate reaction toward anything magical - even himself. It's hard to regain Devon's trust once someone he loves breaks it.


Peter Quince

His relationship with his father is loving and strained at times. He supports his decisions in changing the world for the better.

Eventually, Devon discovers that his father is a fairy who has chosen to live in the human world after falling in love with Devon's human mother. This harms his ability to trust him, but they make up rather quickly after having a heart-to-heart about why Peter left Athenia and why he never told Devon the truth about their heritage.


We'll get through this together."
— To Astral on her first day at school.

As she lives with him, Devon feels uncomfortable around her, as he thought that the British exchange student was a boy named Winston. He becomes angry when he found out she tried to stop his father from destroying Evermore Woods, believing she had betrayed him. He was even more shocked when she showed him her fairy abilities. Astral is also his cousin and this was a secret that his father kept them from him. (See: Astevon)


  • His last name is Quince.
  • He likes Hailey.
  • He is known as Dee-vo by the Six Packs.
  • He was nicknamed "Party King" and "D-Man" when he was blamed for throwing a party.
  • He finds out that Astral is a fairy in Let There Be Cake. Unfortunately, he did not take it well.
  • He finds out that he is half-fairy in You Can't Go Home Again and does not take it well.
  • His father would have been king of Athenia if he hadn't left to be with Devon's human mother.