I put the "troll" in "controller"
— To Devon

Brendoni is a main character in the Nickelodeon Sitcom, The Other Kingdom. When he is a troll, he is portrayed by Matt Burns, but when he is a fairy, he is portrayed by Adam Peddle.

Astral’s cousin Brendoni is a total troll. No, really, he’s an actual troll! Always up to something, Brendoni loves pulling pranks— especially on humans. Deep down he cares for Astral but somehow he finds a way to cause trouble for her, even when they’re worlds apart.


Season 1


Brendoni is a total troll (half fairy, half troll) ! He is very pranky, and some would say he's very disgusting and unorganized. Which is totally true! However, he will always try to make people happy, even though he's pretty late about it! (Example: Him coming back for Devon, when he was sick.)


Powers & Abilities

  • Energy Flight: Being half fairy, he can fly by transforming into a energy beam. It is unknowned if he has fairy wings.
  • Fairy/Troll Transformation: Being a fairy/troll hybrid, he is able to morph into either one.
  • Supernatural (Physical) Condition: Being a troll, Brendoni possesses a superhuman condition making him stronger, faster, and more durable than most humans.
    • Supernatural Strength: He was able to pick up things that are unheard of for a human.
    • Supernatural Hearing: Brendoni said he was able to hear from very far distances.
    • Electrokinesis: he can manipulate and control lightning and electricity.
    • Hypnosis: he can hypnotize someone to do anything he wants them to.


  • Before Hailey teaches him to ride a bike, he has no clue of what a bike even is and how to work it.
  • He dislikes his fairy hybrid and says his fairy self is a monster. However this might be because of predjudice from other trolls since he has shown to be more tolerant of his fairy form in the human world.
  • He never asked anyone for a riddle, he is more of a "Knock, Knock" joke guy.
  • Creates a spanakopita, samosas, cupcakes, three-tier cake, and chocolate souflee.
  • Called an artist by Hailey.
  • Hailey likes Brendoni, and he likes her back.