Athenia is the 7th magical realm. It is the home world and birthplace of Astral, who is the only child and daughter of King Oberon and Queen Titania, and is destined to rule as the next queen of the fairies.


Season One


Princess Astral

Being a fairy royal, she formally lived in the Athenian Kingdom. But, after her switch to the mortal world, she learns that she has to make a choice in the matter of 30 days if she wants to stay in the mortal world or if she wants to come to the mystical Athenian Realm again.

Queen Titania

  • As the queen of Athenia, she lives in the Athenian Kingdom along with King Oberon

King Oberon

As the king of Athenia, he lives in the Athenian Kingdom along with Queen Titania.


Being the Athenian's most trusted advisor, she lives in Athenia. But, it is unknown where she actually lives in Athenia.


As a fairy, she lives in Athenia. She lives in the vines and bushes of the forest.


As half fairy/half troll, it is unknown where he lives. But, he recently made a move with Princess Astral to the mortal world.



  • Astral states this is the 7th Realm in Get a Job.
  • Its name is from Athena, the almighty Goddess of Wisdom in Greek mythology.
    • Athenia is also based on Athena's city, Athens. Athens was also the setting of Shakespeare's play "A Midsummer Night's Dream".
    • Athenia's rocky relationship with Spartania is another reference to Athens which had a bad relationship with the city of Sparta.